Content Creation

Content Creation is a trendy way of saying Photography & Videography. We capture everything from events, food, product, portraits in a natural way that speaks to your clientele. All content is edited in a distinctive way for the specific platform and uploaded. Content Creation is a popular add on to Online Reputation Management as the better your profiles look, the more customers you will convert.


Photography Services

Events, Nightlife, Food, Portraits, anything you need taken photos of we can shoot it. Our photography has been featured in the press, 100’s of Facebook Galleries and has 100's of Thousands of Instagram and Facebook Likes. We do our best to shoot content that people love and share with their network. Most of all our Photographers are a joy to work with, making the entire process super easy.


Video is the toughest medium to capture but the easiest to help get your message across. Majority of social media are optimised for video, Facebook LOVES video, instagram video is growing (more short form) and YouTube is a different kettle of fish (longer form, harder grab an audience).

We offer short form video optimised for all of these channels at a reasonable price.


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Making the content happen is one thing, editing takes the content to a whole new level helping complete the story. Here at Maverick we take time to perfect the best versions of the content that is inline with your brand. A bit of editing goes a long way to ensuring the audience engages with the photos.

Content is typically delivered via Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox to the business owner within a week. In a rush ? We can prioritise your content for release sooner.