Your website is the only space in the digital world that you have full control of. It’s organically highly ranked and when customers are really intrigued about your business, its their first stop. We build websites on Squarespace & Wordpress, we can also help build larger platforms and apps with the help of great developers & designers.

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Planning Your Website

We sit down with you to plan everything. We take you through some different options, what your needs are, what you customers needs are to then start building out the structure and layout.

Purchasing Domain names & configuring your DNS are all services that we include. We can even help you set up your email.

During this stage we can set up a landing page for you while your site is being completed behind the scenes.


After planning the site in great depth we start building. All of our websites are hosted in Melbourne or Sydney for greater speeds. We privately build out all of the different pages, start working with the content (images & copy) ensuring all boxes are ticked.

We like to build the site in private and allow for the business owner to review the first version. Once reviewed we start work on some revisions and then begin to go live.

At Maverick we love integrations, we can help integrate business automation into your website that will save you time. For example, Calendly or Stripe for taking payments. And of course Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel if needed!

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Launch, Keep up to Date & Monitor

Your website is only useful when it’s current. 9/10 Clients prefer us to keep their site updated over time, this may include different trading hours, new menus, new employees or just the small copy right mark often seen in the footer.

We monitor all of your Google Analytics & Google Search Console to pick up on any trends and ensure Google are indexing all of the right pages.